The Workshop

— Giving brands the energy to change

We’re a brand and digital design studio. We turn your vision into something tangible – whether that’s a written narrative, brand identity, website, product, app, or something we don’t yet have a name for.

Whatever we do, we make sure others care about it as much as you do. Whatever we do, we make sure others care about it as much as you do. As one of the very few truly multifaceted studios, we’re known for both words and visuals. The strong interplay between these two elements helps us to build compelling brands.

We’re making our name by helping you make yours.

Ask questions, push buttons, make a few circles. Workshop it, build everything on that one thought. Ideas are your foundation. Begin with a positioning statement, grounded in common sense, a blueprint of what to say next. A plan of action, a new visual direction and a voice to match.
Strategy & Positioning
Identity Design
Brand Style Guide
Put fire in every word. Get the message out there, tell it in the right order, make every line count and delete the rest. Be kind and be ruthless, it’s a better experience. Let loose with a real voice, one that’s hard to ignore, one that sets you apart. Learn how to use it. And turn up the volume.
Core Messaging
Tone of Voice
Website Content
More to it than Pantone and type. It’s an impression, a feeling, a logo, a product, a website, a brand film, a reason to take notice. A resistance against what was there before. At the same time all about the colour and the type. The first thing people make contact with. The details that make us feel good.
Web & Mobile Design
App Interface & Experience Design
Art Direction
Take the smallest screen. Build for that first. Must look good at any size, load quicker than you can think, stay true to the design. No unnecessary code. Noticed by Google. Websites and apps, made to last. Ready for you to manage, to make changes, to stay two steps ahead.
Front & Backend Development
iOS + Android Apps
Content Management
A work in progress. A partnership that lasts months, sometimes years. To cover serious ground, share our progress, work flat out to come up with new ideas, things to explore, ways to make it even better. Keeping it consistent, tight, impactful, professional. It’s a marathon not a sprint.
Full Service Support