Ficto delivers an immersive mobile experience with short bursts of premium video. We partnered with the team in Los Angeles to create a subscription native iOS and Android app that could stream original shorts by upcoming artists and established producers.

We took the founding team through a naming process that resulted in the name Ficto – inspired by the word fiction, then shortened for display on a smartphone app. We also created a brand identity including app UX, tone of voice and copywriting support, and led a $1m for $1m grassroots campaign to engage upcoming film school students.

The iOS and Androids apps were built from the ground up with our own proprietary video player at the centre. This supported interactive events, 360-video and Netflix Bandersnatch-style content where the user can choose how the story ends. We developed an end-to-end development pipeline, starting with an authoring tool where creators could put together interactive content using Lego-like drag and drop blocks.

Creators could then see their changes in the apps in realtime, giving them a highly visual and iterative way to develop their content. We then created a scalable, distributed platform to host and serve content to an ever-growing user-base which sat behind a modified CDN to cache and deliver content all around the world, while supporting the new types of mixed-media.

Brand Identity
Tone of Voice
Web & Mobile Interface Design
Experience Design
Native iOS & Android Development
Fullstack Web Development
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